Art Bird Box exhibition


The abirdabode Art Bird Box exhibition will be at Gallery Oldham from March 14th until 2nd May 2015.

The abirdabode exhibition is your chance to see all the amazing Art Birdboxes in one place before they are installed around Oldham to provide safe nest sites for birds.

The exhibition features work by participants aged between seven and ninety seven from across Oldham alongside decorated bird silhouettes created by members of the public at events including The Oldham Flower Festival, Festival Oldham and RSPB Discovery Sunday.

 Following the exhibition, all of the Art Birdboxes will be installed in and around Oldham to become The Oldham Art Birdbox Trail.   If you are a school, community group, society or have somewhere that local birds would benefit from a beautiful Art Birdbox, please get in touch or nominate a location. You can do this at the exhibition or by emailing the abirdabode project – or filling in the form below

 *an Art Birdbox is both a work of art and a functional nest box, providing a safe roosting and nesting place for a variety of birds and an attractive public artwork for humans to enjoy too.

5 thoughts on “Art Bird Box exhibition

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