Last day at Rock Street

The DSYR’s last day at Rock Street and the bird box making was really hotting up (despite the freezing weather outside).

Time is of the essence and the massive pile of plywood is swiftly being turned into the structures for some amazing Art Bird boxes. T-Jay discovered that his Globe Theatre Birdbox was even more complex than he’d realised and enlisted Greg’s help to glue the multitude of pieces together to form the twelve sided structure. Tori has converted her Hobbit House Art Birdbox into a communal nets box for house sparrows as they are a particularly endangered species in the UK (and so they can live in true Hobbit style as friendly neighbours). She also showed us the set of CAD plans she’d produced of the bird box!

Luckily Dylan rejoined the group this week and proved an dab hand at birdbox construction and an invaluable assistant for both Holly and Hannah. Hannah proved her bandsaw skill by showing Holly how to use the new bandsaw safely and accurately.

Georgia’s pyramid box looked amazing and just required a few gaps to be filled to ensure it’s waterproofness and Zak’s Art Deco snail took form with the assistance of Kayleigh and a spot of bendy ply wrestling.

Jake fitted his cube box together and started cutting the large number of parts required for decoration pieces.

The group are working as a great team and all in all it was a great last day at Rock Street; with another similar afternoon of hard work all the DSYR’s Art Birdboxes will be made and ready for decoration by Christmas!

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