Windmills, Hobbit Houses and Art Deco designs

The Dove Stone Youth Rangers have made an amazing start on the abirdabode project on our first Sunday creative session. They have proved full of inspired ideas for Art Birdboxes and come up with a wide variety of styles and subjects that are sure to make for an exciting start for the project and exhibition…

The groups’ ideas include; a Bag End Hobbit House for birds, An Art Deco decorated snail Art Birdbox, a Moulin Rouge bird windmill and many more to be revealed soon.

For the first practical session the group discussed their designs and refined their ideas on paper before diving into making maquettes (artists scale models) of their chosen idea. Using scrap cardboard (recycling is very important to the group and artists) the young artists where shown how to use a fret saw and bandsaw to cut parts for their bird boxes. Prototyping in cardboard allowed us to play with size and shape of the designs, learn how to use the power tools and also practice making in 3D without using valuable plywood.

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